All make this virus break out, the root cause behind most death

Surajeet Dutta

Clean air is one of the fundamental requirements of good_health
Mold Fungus spore’s, botulism and Candida overgrowth is ‘The Cause’ behind 99% of all Diseases. It grows in moist cold, dark and forgotten places in your house, car, and even in your body. Sadly, this disease affects a lot of people living in damp, cold, unsanitary conditions. A lot of autoimmune diseases and infections can be traced back to a mold related toxin in your blood. Some people would even go as far to say that all disease is caused by mold and fungi.

Interestingly, fungi mycotoxins are the root cause behind most death, illness and disease. They say that a tree would live forever and it should live forever but the thing that kills it is mold. I heard this statement and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Molds are fungus run wild. When a patient dealing with mold and the problems with histoplasmosis which almost killed a patient , that patient shared that cow urine therapy was the best healing protocol for killing off the spores in my body.

You may be familiar with aflatoxin already, as it is very toxic to the liver and is the same toxin that occurs with peanuts. If you don’t eat peanuts for this reason, you would not want to use pre-ground pepper either. Freshly ground pepper helps with digestion—pre-ground pepper does not. Most of our modern diseases were rare in former centuries. Only relatively few people had cancer, which only occasionally happened in old age, and asthma, allergies and autoimmune diseases were rare or absent as well.

All this changed after World War II with the widespread use of antibiotics. While they targeted bacteria, they encouraged the (rise and spread) of fungi and mycoplasmas which are at the root of most of our modern diseases. Molds and yeasts toxic candida overgrowth will possess a person. This is the basic cause of all diseases. Baking soda and activated charcoal, keeping a alkaline and non acidic waste environment in our bodies would help.

If your immunity is down, then autoimmune diseases take over. White blood cells (T and B cells) infiltrate the pancreas and attack and destroy insulin-producing beta cells during T1D development. Just like endogenous beta cells, implanted, stem cell-derived beta cells have the ability to sense changes in blood glucose levels in real time, and to secrete appropriate amounts of insulin until glucose levels are normalized.

The immune system that once rejected the original beta cells will not reject your own urine cocktail. In the mix is antibodies and stem cells to repair pancreatic insulin rejection. UT will stop the destruction of insulin-producing cells. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are wrongly detected as foreign and destroyed by the immune system. Autoimmune rejection is healed when people recognize why your body is rejecting it.

Fruits, fasting, urine therapy are the way back to normal pancreatic insulin production. The benefits of the ionizer is far reaching. Cleans the Air. Clean air is one of the fundamental requirements of good health, and an oxygen ionizer keeps the air inside your sauna pristine. The negative ions it creates seek out and neutralize impurities such as pollen, dander, and mold spores, all of which are positively charged. Hence, you can enjoy pure air whenever you use your sauna.

Curb mold Allergies, by consequently, breathing in cleaner air can also help prevent asthma symptoms. As sufferers of the condition know, particles such as the above-mentioned ones can irritate the air passageways and the lungs, causing inflammation that will trigger an asthmatic episode. By removing these harmful substances from the air, the occurrence of asthma symptoms can be greatly reduced.

You can zap Pathogens. If multiple people use your home sauna, installing an oxygen ionizer might help prevent the spread of disease. According to a study conducted in a hospital setting, the use of air ionizers considerably decreased the presence of infectious bacteria at the site. Again, this is because negative ions attack bacteria, which are positively charged.

What is sinusitis, anyway? Put simply, chronic sinusitis develops from perpetually inflamed sinuses. A number of inflammatory agents, from bacteria to fungi, find their way up the nose and into the membranous pockets embedded within our skulls. There they trigger immune responses that eventually run haywire. We need to see down to the cellular level, to understand the true basic reason behind sinus problems.

If cleansing is not actively initiated, the cells will lose more of their magnetic capacity. As well as electric charge and elasticity. The weakened cells can now slowly be fed on by cellular intruders – white blood cells and viruses, and the fungi family such as molds and yeasts etc. People’s Road to mold, is no fruits and veggies, and drinking dirty water. And stress can all make this virus break out.

Ignoring toxins or failing to recognize the body’s toxicity can eventually lead to chronic systemic toxicity, which ultimately results in damage to internal organs or tissues. The Respiratory part if mold. There’s something characteristic to inflammatory illnesses called “air hunger.” It’s the act of breathing with the feeling of not taking in any air. It is one of the strangest and scariest feelings in the world, and it’s enough to give anyone who experiences it anxiety.

The herpes virus can become non dormant from a yeast infection. But adding turpentine kills mold, parasites, candida, spores, to your healing protocol is irreplaceable. Fighting Oral bacteria that can cause viruses, tooth decay, gum disease and other common mouth infections, even combating herpes.

If you’ve never heard of mold illness or you thought it was simply “mold allergies,” you’re not alone. Environmentally-acquired illnesses are possibly the most underrated and under-diagnosed illnesses of our time. People usually don’t know it’s a thing until they get it or someone they love gets it. Certainly, not many doctors are aware of it:

Mold toxicity is far more common than is currently recognized. Those who are knowledgeable in this field estimate that millions of people are wrestling with this problem but are entirely unaware of its existence. Mold toxicity goes so unrecognized by most medical practitioners that a patient bringing it up as a possible diagnosis is usually met with a blank stare or, worse, incredulity.

It’s not how hot or cold you punish yourself with. Because your body regulates your temperature and it always stays the same normally. core temperature. I don’t do kind of kombucha fermented spores fungus stuff because I had mushrooms in my blood. The only way to get rid of fungus is radical dry fasting, alkaline fruits, urine therapy and pure gum spirits of turpentine or a combination of all.

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